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23 December 2007 @ 07:42 pm
completed project - black and gold wedding dress  
i posted the preliminary sketches for this project at the end of november, and here's the finished project! it ended up consisting of the dress, underskirt, detachable train, and corset; we also did a shirt and sash for her groom. i didn't have the time during construction to get pictures of the process, but i did get some detail shots (and my full payment, thanks!) before i let her walk out my door with it all.

boned dress, preliminary sketch boned dress, preliminary sketch
this is the sketch that we ultimately went with as the basic design.
options for a detachable train options for a detachable train
we decided on the waistband train as her best option - it's pleated to a waistband, and attaches at the sides with hook-and-eye closures.
corset front corset front
boned-tab elizabethan silhouette in black twill, boned with plastic cable ties, bound with poly/cotton bias tape.
corset back corset back
back lacing of the corset, brass grommets. the strange shape at the bottom of the gap is due to the comforter i wrapped around my girlfriend's dress form, not to the shape of the corset - it sits correctly on the bride.
corset lacing, top binding corset lacing, top binding
detail shot of the back lacing and top binding. i attached a panel of fabric behind the grommets on each side in order to prevent the lacing and metal from irritating the skin.
back lacing detail back lacing detail
more detail of the back lacing.
bottom binding detail bottom binding detail
binding the bottom edge was challenging - especially where the tabs split from the body - but i learned a lot from it. i think the next time will be easier.
corset with underskirt corset with underskirt
the a-line underskirt is made of polyester lining material, with a front panel overlay of gold shimmer organza, which is bound at the hem with velvet to match the bodice of the dress.
underskirt waistband detail underskirt waistband detail
elastic waistband detail of the underskirt.
underskirt front hem detail underskirt front hem detail
velvet binding on the organza overlay; you can see the hemline of the black poly lining behind it.
bodice neckline detail bodice neckline detail
detail of the front neckline of the bodice - i'm pleased with how it looks on the finished dress, but gods! how many hours i had to futz with it...
front bodice detail, closures hidden front bodice detail, closures hidden
the point of the bodice where it meets the underskirt, as it looks when fastened.
front bodice  closures, exposed front bodice closures, exposed
pulling aside the flap that covers the hook-and-eye closures on the front edges of the bodice.
bodice back detail bodice back detail
decorative lacing on the back of the bodice, with train attached.
oversleeve shoulder detail oversleeve shoulder detail
pleated shoulder seam on the crinkle chiffon oversleeves.
oversleeves oversleeves
large bell-shaped oversleeves of crinkle chiffon, which fall nearly to the ankle at the bottom edge.
undersleeves undersleeves
trumpet-shaped undersleeves with a large flare from the elbow, in crepe-back windsor satin to match the attached overskirt.
sleeve hemlines detail sleeve hemlines detail
chiffon oversleeve has satin-stitched edge, satin undersleeve has rolled hem with gold accent stitching.
overskirt waistline detail overskirt waistline detail
crepe back satin overskirt is pleated to the bodice at the back, but has a smooth line along the front.
trim detail, overskirt front corner trim detail, overskirt front corner
the overskirt has polyester horsehair braid in the bottom hem; the trim turns a soft corner over the sharper edges of the satin.
train attachment detail train attachment detail
this is what the train looks like at the waistband when attached.
train attachment detail, exposed train attachment detail, exposed
pulling aside the pleat in the overskirt to show the hook (on the corner of the train) and eye (sewn into the waistband of the dress).
train fabric train fabric
i tried so hard to get a good picture of this fabric, and failed. it's shimmery black organza, with little clear jewels and tiny squares that sparkle with rainbows. it looks like a field of stars.
trim detail with flash trim detail with flash
trying to get a good detail shot of the trim - it's black and metallic gold gimp.
trim detail, no flash trim detail, no flash
pic of the trim with no flash - a bit blurry, but closer to the actual colors.
Judy's complete wedding ensemble Judy's complete wedding ensemble
including corset, underskirt, dress with split-front overskirt and two-layer sleeves, and detachable train.
joel's wedding shirt and sash joel's wedding shirt and sash
shirt and sash for her groom - the shirt is in cream-colored windsor satin (crepe back satin, the same type of fabric as her overskirt).
ruffle detail ruffle detail
detail shot of the ruffles on the front of the shirt.
neckline detail neckline detail
where the ruffles meet the neckline, with foldover collar and ties.
shoulder pleats shoulder pleats
pleats on the shoulder of the shirt, to help add material to the body of the shirt without having a shoulder hem at the elbow.
wrist ties wrist ties
sleeve is gathered to wristband to form a ruffle; this ties at the wrist.
wrist ruffles wrist ruffles
"top" view of the ruffles on the wrist of the shirt.

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