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Danathar Creations

No pattern? No problem!

22 September 1980
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i have a costuming and custom sewing business in its infancy - i've been talking about doing this for over 5 years, but hadn't really got going on it until august of 2007. i specialize in "sewing without a pattern" - original designs, hard-to-fit sizes, or producing something with only a reference picture or a good description. i'm working on my skills with more fitted/tailored garments, but fairly confident in my ability to figure it out.

i'm planning to use this space to share some of my adventures into the realm of sewing-for-a-living, to post pictures of projects either in progress or completed, to network with other costumers and maybe even a few customers - i charge $20/hour plus the cost of materials.

"no bleeding on the garb!!!"

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- ObesityHelp.com - weight loss surgery and support
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